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Why choose Cpost International for shopping in the US?

  • Tax free address

  • Daily flights from Miami

  • Quick custom inspections

  • Free insurance up to $200

  • Home delivery option

  • Attractive shipping rates

  • Track & trace

  • Loyalty program

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PuntoMio will take your best-loved products direct to your door in Latin American or the Caribbean.

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"I live in Bahamas and it was always hard to find a good way to bring things from the U.S. It was a nice surprise for me when I read in the news that Brandsmart had partnered with CPOST and that we could shop for the..."

– Rory

"I was always looking for a company I could use for forwarding my packages from the US to Perú and I have finally found one that really provides everything I was looking for. With PuntoMio I don’t have to go to customs..."

– Marcela Ibañez