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Why Cpost?

The majority of merchants in the U.S. do not ship outside the United States. Cpost offers you an address in Miami for you to receive your purchases from the United States. Cpost will take care of shipping everything to your country in a fast, secure and affordable manner.

Who can use my Cpost address?

It is not possible to share your account with somebody else. Each customer must sign up to open an account.

How to start using PuntoMio

What should I do in order to start using PuntoMio?

Your first step is to create an account.

How do I create an account?

Just visit the PuntoMio link cpostint.puntomio.com and sign up to create your account.

What is the fee for the account?

To sign up to become e member of PuntoMio is totally FREE.

How many addresses do I get with my account?

When you sign up, you will receive two addresses of which one is a Tax Free address.

How many people can use my account?

Only one person is allowed to use the account. Each account is unique, so therefore each person who wishes to make use of PuntoMio must sign up to receive his/her own account.

Benefits of PuntoMio

What are the benefits of using PuntoMio?

  1. Free membership:
    There are no sign up fees.
  2. Flights 4x to 5x per week:
    Regular flights per week out of Miami.
  3. Free insurance up to $200:
    All packages are insured. No insurance fees on items having an item value of $200 or less.
  4. Home Delivery option:
    Delivery fees start at NAf. 15.00 Per delivery.
    For Curaçao, you can apply by clicking here to register for the Delivery Service.
  5. Affordable rates
    Competitive rates in the market.
  6. Track & Trace
    You can access your account at any time to find out the status of your item.
  7. Loyalty Program – Cpoints

    When signing up for PuntoMio, you automatically become a member of Cpoints, which is the Loyalty Program of PuntoMio. (On Curaçao & Sint Maarten ONLY).

How to shop online

Is a credit card needed to shop online?

Yes, a credit card is needed to shop online.

What are the options to still be able to shop online without a credit card?

  1. You can open a Pay Pal account which you can use to shop online
  2. You can make use of our Cash Option Service. You can come to our office and pay cash for your order and we will take care of the rest.

Shipping times

How long does it take for my order/package to arrive at the Miami warehouse?

It depends which shipping method you choose to transport your order to Miami (Ground transportation or Courier). We are not involved in your choice of transportation method of your order to Miami.

How long does it take for my order /package to arrive in Curaçao?

All packages are shipped between 1 or 2 working days after arriving in Miami.

How long does it take for my order /package to be ready for pick up or be delivered?

Your package will be ready for pick up or delivery between 2 and 5 working days after arrival in your home country.

What should I do if after 5 working days after arrival of my package in my home country, my package is not ready for pick up or for delivery?

Please contact us via e-mail at customerservice@cpostint.com and make sure to mention your Air Waybill number(s) you are submitting an inquiry for.

What can be the reasons that my package could not be processed?

1) Each package must have a (correct) invoice.

The invoice should have the following information:

  1. Name of the Customer
  2. Name of Seller
  3. Quantity of the items that the order consists of
  4. Description of the item that was bought
  5. Date of purchase
  6. Order#/item #
  7. Amount that was paid

2) Each customer must have their Crib number registered with us. In your Account Settings you can update your account information by adding your Crib number.

As per April 1st, 2017, it is required by the Customs to use crib numbers when processing packages that are being imported (Curaçao). There are Business Crib numbers and Personal Crib numbers. When shopping online, please take into account that the name on the invoice of the seller matches the crib number that is added in your account.

3) Your ID

In some cases, your ID is required for processing of your package. This is in most instances if your invoice is made on a different name than the name as specified in your account.

4) Unstamped Invoice of Drones

When importing drones, it is required that you submit an invoice that has been stamped by the Aviation Department of Curaçao and the Bureau Telecommunicatie & Post.


What is the maximum weight that can be transported by Air?

Packages up to 49 pounds (lbs.) will be shipped via air.

What is the minimum weight that can be sent via Ocean?

Packages having a weight of 50 pounds or more will be sent via Ocean Freight.

What items are restricted and/or prohibited and/or hazmat products?

Please refer to a list on cpostint.puntomio.com in the Menu under Pricing and Customs.

Shipping Rates

Of which components does my Cpost invoice consist of?

  1. Local Shipping charges based on a rate per pound (lb.). The weight of the item will be rounded up.
  2. Insurance fee for items with a value of more than US$ 200.00
  3. Import duties and Sales Tax
  4. Home Delivery charges, if applicable

When should the Local charges be paid?

The local charges must be paid at pick up of the package or at delivery of the package either at home or a business address.

How are the local charges calculated?

The calculation of the local shipping charges is based on rate per lb. (pound). These can be found on cpostint.puntomio.com under ‘Rates’.

The Import duties and Sales Tax are calculated based on CIF (Cost Insurance & Freight). A list which gives an indication of the import duty percentages is available on cpostint.puntomio.com under Pricing and Customs.

The insurance fee is based on the value of the item that was ordered. No insurance fees will be charged on items having a value of lower than US$ 200.00.

Is there a Shipping Calculator?

Yes. Go to the PuntoMio Link. On the homepage, click on 'Shipping Calculator'. Insert the item value, US Shipping costs and weight of the item. Choose the merchandise category and the Sales Tax percentage. Note: The Shipping Calculator is only an indication of the total charges. Cpost is not responsible for any discrepancies that might occur in the real shipping charges that actually will be charged.

Pick up or Delivery

How can I receive my package?

You can pick up your package at one of the branches of Cpost or you can have your package delivered at your home or business address.

How do I apply for the Delivery Service?

You can apply for our Delivery Service by clicking here.

How can I change my Pick up Location?

You can send a request via e-mail to customerservice@cpostint.com and inform us the branch of your preference to pick up your packages.

Payment options

What are the payment options?

You can pay with cash, Debit or Credit Cards (the major credit cards are accepted). You can also redeem your Cpoints to pay the shipping charges. Import duties, Sales Tax, Insurance fees and Delivery Fees cannot be paid with Cpoints.

Period to pick up package

How many days will Cpost hold my package for pick up?

Packages will remain in our warehouse for 30 days. After this, the package will be retrieved from the warehouse.

Are there charges if packages are not picked up on time?

Yes, storage fees apply after a week that the package was ready for pickup.

Return items

How can I return my items to the seller that already arrived in my home country?

Bring your item and choose the best shipping option for return of the item that suits your needs. Please make sure to bring the return label. All charges for returning the package will be for the account of the customer.

How can I return my item which is still in the US?

You can contact the Customer Service Department of your home country to arrange the return to the seller. You can start doing the return arrangements even before arrival of the item at the warehouse in the US.


What will the insurance fee cover?

By damage or loss of the item, you will receive between 100% - 150% of the item value. Local charges still will have to be paid (in some cases).

How is the Insurance fee calculated?

Item value of up to including US$ 200.00 – No Insurance fee

Item value of more than US$ 200.00: Each additional US$ 100.00 or fraction thereof – US$ 1.50


What are the Claim procedures when I receive an item that is damaged?

You must open your package in our office to check the content and the condition of the package. No claims are accepted after leaving our office.

If there are any anomalies with your package, you can file a claim at the counter.

Communication after purchase

What are the communication messages that I will receive after purchase of my item(s)?

Communication from the seller

The seller will send you the Courier Tracking number(s) of your order. Please keep the Tracking number for your records to be able to match it to the Air Waybill number that you will receive from us.

Which communication channels are used to communicate with the customers?

All correspondences are done via e-mail. In all correspondences concerning your package, the Air Waybill number of your package is mentioned.

In some cases however, you might receive a phone call from us regarding your package. Please make sure you have the correct phone numbers in your personal information of your Account.

What are the communication messages that I will receive after arrival of my package at the warehouse in the US?

Communication #1:

You will receive an e-mail to inform you that the package has been received at our warehouse in Miami. The Air Waybill number of your package is mentioned in this email. The Courier Tracking number is also given.

Communication #2:

If your package doesn’t include an invoice, you will receive an e-mail to inform you that the package has been received at our warehouse in the US without an invoice and also to request you to either upload the invoice or to send it via e-mail by mentioning the Air Waybill number in the subject of the e-mail. Both the Air Waybill number of your package as the Courier Tracking number are mentioned in this email.

Communication #3:

You will receive an e-mail to inform you that your package will be shipped on the next available flight to your home country. Both the Air Waybill number of your package and the Courier Tracking number are mentioned in this e-mail.

Communication #4:

You will receive an e-mail to inform you that the package is ready for pickup. The Air Waybill number of your package is mentioned in this email.

Track and Trace

How can I track my package?

Before arrival of your package at the warehouse in Miami, you can track your package with the Courier Tracking number you received from the seller, on the website of the seller.

After arrival of your package at the warehouse, you can login into 'My Account' on the PuntoMio link to track your package

Submission of your invoice

How will I know if I should submit an invoice for processing of my package?

You will receive an e-mail informing you that your package has been received at the warehouse in the US without an Invoice.

You can also Login into 'My Account' on cpostint.puntomio.com. Click on 'Upload Invoice'. All the Air Waybill numbers for which an invoice is needed are listed here. If one of your Air Waybill numbers is not listed, it means that we already have your invoice.

How to upload an invoice?

  1. Go on to the PuntoMio Link.
  2. Login into 'My Account'.
  3. Click on 'Upload Invoice'.
  4. Click on the relevant Airway bill number for which uploading is needed. The invoice should be in .pdf format.
  5. Browse to choose the invoice from your files; check the box to certify that the invoice is correct and then click 'Submit'.

How to upload an invoice which consists of several Air Waybill numbers?

Indicate (write) at each item on the invoice, the Air Waybill number that belongs to that item, and upload the same invoice to the concerned Air Waybill numbers.

Can a commercial Invoice also be used to process my package (calculation of Import duties & Sales Tax)?

No, commercial invoices are not accepted.

Correct Personal Information

Where do I update my account Information?

  1. Go on the PuntoMio Link.
  2. 'Login' into your account.
  3. In 'My Account', click on Change Account Settings.

You will be able to change all your personal information.

Loyalty Program Cpoints

What is it? How does it work?

For more information Click here

Opening hours

What are the opening hours?

MONDAY - THURSDAY: 7:30 - 17:00
FRIDAY: 07:30 - 16:30
SATURDAY only at GROOT KWARTIER: 8:00 - 11:30

MONDAY - THURSDAY: 7:30 – 17:00
FRIDAY: 07:30 – 16:30
SATURDAY: 8:00 - 11:30

Contact Customer Service

Please send us an e-mail at: customerservice@cpostint.com